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Check here every week to see what type of seafood you will be picking up in your share as well as what we’ve offered in past shares!  Click each season for more information!

This Week’s Catch:

February 26th – Fairview Gardens, IV coop and Gladden & Sons Produce – Grassy Bar Oysters
February 25th – Pizza Guru and Juice Ranch – Grassy Bar Oysters
February 25th – Santa Monica and Altadena – Grassy Bar Oysters
February 25th – Arroyo – Yellowtail
February 24th – Main Course, Google, and Manhattan Beach – CANCELED
February 22nd/23rd – Farm Box – Yellowfin Tuna
February 22nd – Home Delivery – Yellowfin Tuna
February 22nd – Santa Monica, Jackson Market and Hollywood Farmers market- Yellowfin Tuna
February 21st – Farm Cart – Yellowfin Tuna
February 19th – IV coop – Thresher Shark


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