Meet the fishermen

 Adam Zetter


Adam Zetter with one of his yellowtail.


Boat Name: The Proper Chap


Boat Length: 25 ft.


Catch: Yellowtail, White Seabass, Halibut, Albacore, Rockfish


Method: Adam uses a rod and line set up called a “dropper loop” where he searches for live squid to gauge where their predator fish will be.


Location: Based out of Santa Barbara, Adam’s boat is on a trailer so he travels and fishes between Morro Bay and Dana Point chasing his catch.


How did you get into fishing?
Adam’s dad taught him how to fish on a lake in England when he was only seven years old. In 1981 Adam moved to Santa Barbara. He says he has always loved fishing and so it seemed only natural to start fishing here. This past year marks Adam’s induction into commercial fishing and he now works alongside his son Zack (22).


How have you connected with the community?
Adam loves the spontaneous excitement of going to local restaurants and seeing fish on the menu that he may have caught. Having such an direct relationship with his community is both personally rewarding and beneficial to the entire community.


What is your favorite part about your fishing?
Adam’s favorite part about fishing is “being on the ocean, being surrounded by the beauty of nature- the seals, the dolphins, the fish, the birds, I like being immersed in that.” He truly enjoys being alone out at sea and sites the night as his favorite time to be out there. Adam recalls an encounter at Point Conception when he was the only boat in sight and as he was looking up at the stars, a giant whale came by and spouted right next to his boat! He takes a comfort in the reminder from the ocean that”we are so insignificant in the scheme of things,” and he like that feeling.

Adam's son and fishing partner, Zack holds a beautiful Halibut.


What are your hobbies outside of fishing?
Just as he loves being on the ocean in desolate locations, Adam loves traveling to remote places and photographing the people he meets there. Last year he visited South East Asia for an entire month. If he’s not on the water fishing, traveling, or taking photos, Adam loves spending time with his girlfriend and his close friends.


Adam’s advice:
“Whatever situation you are in, find the positive in it.”


How do you cook what you catch?
Adam’s favorite personal catch is his White Seabass. He steams the fillet and pours a combination of peanut oil, soy sauce, ginger, and cilantro over the top of it.


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