Meet the fishermen

  Tony Vultaggio


Tony Vultaggio offloading black cod.

Boat Name: Tony currently fishes from his trusted boat, the FV Rock Steady.


Boat Length: 31 feet


Catch: Black Cod


Location: Tony catches black cod out at San Miguel Island. As a Coast Guard certified charter captain with 27 years of experience, Tony also makes trips along the Santa Barbara coast and to the Channel Islands, and charters trips on Lake Cachuma and Lake Casitas.


Method: Tony fishes for black cod using deep-set anchored long lines. Each line is 900 feet with baited hook lines every 3 feet, and the total length of a single long line is about two miles. These deep set long lines have virtually no bycatch associated with them.


How did you get into fishing?
Tony Vultaggio grew up in Santa Barbara, fishing recreationally with his dad who shared his love of boats and fish. They even participated in fishing competitions together. He has been fishing commercially since 2001, and fishing black cod specifically for the past 5 seasons.


What is your favorite part about your job?
Tony’s favorite part about fishing is the excitement and thrill of the catch. It is this unique profession that allows him to take the time to study the wind, the waves, and the contour of the ocean floor. The rush of the catch is what keeps him going.


Tony’s advice:
Tony’s advice to all fishermen is to respect. “Respect the ocean; respect your fellow fishermen; respect life; and always be grateful for the opportunity to make an honest living on the ocean.”


How do you cook what you catch?
Lately Tony has discovered a new favorite way to cook fish: Steam the fish in a bamboo steaming basket with ginger and green onion, then serve with some soy sauce and a chili paste/sesame oil drizzle over rice.


You can read more about Tony and his charter at his Santa Barbara Sport Fishing Charters website:

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