Meet the fishermen

   Sam Shrout


Photo courtesy of Kelsey Shriver.

Boat Name: The Mysteri


Boat Length: 33 feet


Catch: Rock Crab, Lobster


Method: Crab pots


Location: Santa Barbara Channel Islands


How did you get into fishing?
Sam’s was first introduced to fishing at age fifteen by his father who fished part time on the weekends. He learned the trade and soon became a full time fisherman specializing in Rock Crab, Lobster, and fish. Although he doesn’t do it commercially, Sam also has his license to dive for urchins.


What is your favorite part about your job?
Sam’s favorite part about fishing is being out in nature. He loves being outdoors on his boat and the “freedom of being able to do what you want out there.”


What are your hobbies outside of fishing?
Sam works very hard and plays even harder! Aside from fishing, Sam loves to participate in a plethora of outdoor hobbies. Among his favorites are snowboarding in Mammoth, wakeboarding at Lake San Antonio, as well as surfing, and hiking and dirtbiking up north and in the local mountains behind Santa Barbara.



Sam’s advice:
Sam’s advice to fishermen, new and old, is to “be honorable, have respect, and practice good etiquette.” With rising seafood prices and newcomers to the industry it can be easy to take shortcuts and cause rifts between other fishermen. Sam emphasizes the importance of the honorable and adventurous spirit in fishing that accompanied it from the get-go.


How do you cook what you catch?
Sam suggests steaming his Rock Crab for fifteen to twenty minutes. After that, he prefers it chilled on ice. The taste is so great that it doesn’t even need seasoning! He also suggests pairing this meal with a beer and some cheese and crackers.


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