Meet the Fishermen

Ron Ellis


Boat Name: Defiance


Boat Length: 42 feet


Catch: Crab, Halibut, Sea Bass


Method: Ron catches crab by trapping, and his halibut and seabass via hook and line.


Location: Channel Islands- Santa Rosa, San Miguel, Santa Cruz


How did you get into fishing?:
About twenty years ago, one of Ron’s neighbors came home from fishing and shared his stories and experiences. Ron was so intrigued by his friends stories that he made a few phone calls and two days later he was on a boat! He fell in love with fishing immediately, and eventually bought his own boat, Defiance, which he fishes from now.


How have you connected with the community?:
Being a Ventura/Santa Barbara native, Ron says that fishing commercially has really opened a dialogue with his community and helped him realize the importance of fishing. He says that many people go to restaurants and order fish without ever thinking about how it got there- Ron didn’t either until he starting fishing, and he now takes pride in showing and telling people about what he does. The public also seems to hold generally negative perceptions about crab fishing, so Ron takes the opportunity of selling his catch in person to help curb that perception. He loves interacting with the people and seeing kids become fascinated and have that “ah-ha!” moment when they understand what it means to actually catch fish. It’s this type of personal interaction and genuine interest from his customers that really ties him to his community.


What is your favorite part about your fishing?:
Ron absolutely loves to be out on the water fishing. As he best describes it, “It’s an inner desire, and I need it.”


What are your hobbies outside of fishing?:
When it comes to fishing, Ron is hooked! Even when he taks a vacation from fishing for work, he likes to go on expeditions and travels to fish for fun. Ron’s trips have included Alaska and Mexico where he goes, what he likes to call, “fun fishing” with rod and reel.


Ron’s advice:
“Work hard. Work hard and enjoy life.”


How do you cook what you catch?
Although Ron admittedly isn’t much of a fish eater (he just loves catching it!), when he does cook fish, he says the best way is just to throw it on a BBQ and let it do its thing.


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