Meet the Fishermen

 Randy Graham

Boat Name: The Reel Deal


Boat Length: 25 feet


Catch: White Seabass, Halibut, Yellowtail, Thresher Shark, Lingcod and Red Snappers


Method: Randy uses hook and line to catch all of his fish; no electric reels.
Location: Randy fishes anywhere from Deckers in Malibu all the way up to Jalama.


How did you get into fishing?
As a young child, Randy claims he wasn’t good at much of anything. So when he discovered his knack for fishing he fostered his talent and stuck with it. He learned to fish primarily by trial and error, but was so good that he quickly acquired his own boat to fish off of. Randy has been fishing with fellow Community Seafood fisherman Brett Wilson for years even before they fished commercially. As Randy explains amused, “We would pull up in my tiny boat in the middle of big commercial fleets and outfish the commercial fishermen!” Together Randy and Brett decided to get a bigger boat and start fishing commercially to offset some of the boat costs and still have just as much fun fishing together. Randy describes his partnership with Brett as “the perfect relationship. We fished for free as friends to begin with, so working with [Brett] feels like just hanging out.”


How have you connected with your community?
Randy says has always considered himself a “keep-to-myself-huy,” so he finds it nice to be part of the tight-knit fishing community. He is part of a ‘code group’ comprised of a handful of men that range from “25 year old youngins to 65 year old guys,”, and he explains that “it’s nice to have five or six guys I talk to on a daily basis and share information with.”


What is your favorite part about your job as a fisherman?
Simply put, “I love it because I get to hang out with my friends and my son doing something that I love.” Randy also loves the many challenging aspects of fishing as well as the sense of daily accomplishment. As he puts it, “Yesterday and tomorrow are going to be completely different than tomorrow. You have to go at it completely open minded, and you can go from zero to hero just like that.


What are your hobbies outside of fishing?
Randy says that fishing really consumes his whole life. If he’s not doing it commercially, he can be found hiking for trout or camping; though he only goes camping where there’s water!  


Randy’s advice:
“Don’t do something that other people want you to do, do what you want to do inside your heart.”


How do you cook what you catch?
Although he enjoys a good quality sushi fish, Randy adamantly asserts, “I don’t like to eat cooked fish.”

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