Meet the Fishermen

  Tim Mulcahy



Boat Name: Calogera. In Sicilian this loosely translates into “Gloria.”


Boat Length: 45 ft.


Catch: Tim catches seasonal fish which means that is catch is always changing. In the spring he catches salmon, in the summer he catches albacore, then in the fall he catches thresher shark and swordfish, and in the winter he catches white seabass and yellowtail.


Method: Because Tim catches a number of different fish, his methods also vary. He uses the trolling method to catch Salmon and Albacore (this is where he drags many hooks and lures behind the boat as it moves across the sea at three to six knots). Tim uses gill nets to catch albacore, white seabass, and yellowtail, as well as harpoons to catch swordfish.


Location: Tim catches his salmon along the California coast, often closer to Northern California and he catches albacore in Newport, Oregon. His swordfish, seabass, and yellowtail are all caught right off the coast of southern and central California, often right off our coast at Santa Barbara.


How did you get into fishing?
Tim was born born in La Cañada, CA and moved to Santa Barbara the week after he graduated high school, where he lived for forty years before moving to Encinitas. At age 23, Tim started diving for sea urchins to meet a rising demand on the market. After 25 years of diving, he says he caught the “TMB (Too Many Birthdays) disease” and started working his way toward more fishing and less diving. Slowly working his way up to bigger and bigger boats, Tim purchased the Calogera in 1998 and has been fishing off it ever since. Tim likes to say that he’s never had a job, rather he has always been the captain, never taking orders on a boat from anyone but himself his whole life.


How have you connected with the community?
One of Tim’s passions is educating the public on the sustainability of fishing. He takes pride in correcting many negative misconceptions that exist about the fishing industry and spreading knowledge throughout his community. One of his specialties is shedding light on the often misconstrued topic of thresher sharks. Tim has spoken at various seminars throughout the years and continually strives to promote factual information in Santa Barbara, and nearby coastal communities.


What is your favorite part about your fishing?
Tim describes himself and his fellow fishermen as “farmers of the sea.” He takes pride in helping provide food to Americans and also in the “huge economic impact for every pound of fish” that is brought in.


Tim Mulcahy offloading albacore in early October, 2014.

What are your hobbies outside of fishing?
Outside of fishing, Tim’s interests are focused “strictly [in] high speed snowboarding,” And he’s quick to challenge anyone who thinks they might be able to keep up with him. His favorite spot is up at Mammoth where he will shred down the mountain, indubitably leaving you in the dust.


Tim’s advice:
“Work hard and honor God in everything.”


How do you cook what you catch?
Tim’s favorite way to cook his catch is on his electric-powered George Foreman Grill aboard the Calogera. Just throw some olive oil and a fillet on the grill and there you go! Swordfish and salmon are his all time favorite fish that he catches, though he has recently developed a newfound love of caviar.

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