Meet the fishermen

 Wayne & Diane Moody


Boat Name: Capriccio


Catch: Albacore


Method: Hook and Line. Wayne and Diane use sustainable fishing techniques, and freeze all their fish within a few hours of coming aboard. To ensure the best nutritional quality, the fish are all carefully loined, hand packed, and pressure-cooked only once.


Location: West Coast between Mexico and Canada


How did you get into fishing?
Wayne and Diane are a husband and wife team that has been working in the commercial industry for about thirty years. Since the duo built their own boat, the Capriccio, in 1979, they have been fishing for Albacore tuna and salmon off the West Coast between Mexico and Canada.


Wayne’s advice:
Wayne’s has seen the successful results of his own advice that “the amount of work you put in determines how you do.”


How do you cook what you catch?
The Moodys enjoy their albacore in a number of ways including making it into a dip, pasta salad, and putting it in a wrap!

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