Meet the fishermen

  Eric Hodge


Eric Hodge at the docks with his family.

Boat Name: Eric played a major role in building his own boat, The Myrna Louise, a 17’ Greenough. He also ensures a low environmental impact by running his boat solely off recycled vegetable oil!


Boat Length: 17 feet


Catch: Rockfish & Lingcod


Location: The Santa Barbara Coast


Method: Eric uses the hook and line method when he’s above water and a spear gun when he’s below water to bring in the catch of the day. Eric has also developed an innovative way to bring in his delicious fish. He uses fishing rods with an electric motor to reel in the loaded lines to maximize his efficiency.


How did you get into fishing?
Eric got into fishing in his early teens working as a deck hand on his sister’s boyfriends boat and never looked back. He took a fifteen year detour from commercial fishing to spearfish and freedive before returning to fish Rockfish and Lingcod off the Santa Barbara Coast three years ago!


How have you connected with the community?
Eric also maintains a day job as an auto mechanic at Hodge Podge Garage in Oak View. A man of many talents, he spends his weekends running a small CSF in Ojai! Eric is very committed to the idea and practice of connecting fishermen directly to the people eating the fish. His CSF is made up of a modest group of only 15 members, so he’s “stoked” for the opportunity to get access to the 170 members with Community Seafood!


What is your favorite part about your what you do?
Eric sites his favorite part about his job as “the challenge of it.” He loves connecting with his customers and hearing their stories and experiences with the fish he catches and how they are cooking and eating it. As Eric knows, being out on the water can be extremely challenging, but it is the serenity of being out there alone and rising to each challenge that keeps him going. As he puts it himself, “once it gets into you, its hard to run from.”


Eric’s advice:
“Having a good community to share with is really important; to share life with, share food with, to fish with, and so much more.”


How do you cook what you catch?
Eric likes to make ceviche out of the Rockfish he catches. He also does a lot of pan frying and makes fish n chips that his wife and kids love.

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