Meet the fishermen

 Matt Gerns


Boat Name: Liv A Little


Boat Length: 21 ft.


Catch: Halibut, white seabass, dorado, yellowfin tuna, yellowtail, albacore, salmon


Method: Hook and Line


Location: Matt primarily fishes off the Channel Islands, but he also fishes everywhere between Monterey and San Diego.


How did you get into fishing?
Matt was first introduced to fishing when he was a little kid by his dad. At age four he caught his first trout trout and from there he started regularly fishing Paradise Cove and Point Dume with his father near their home in Malibu. When he was about twelve years old Matt started venturing out to the Channel Islands with his father, and by age nineteen he was running and captaining private sport fishing boats that traveled to Cabo and Puerto Vallarta. Then in the mid nineties Matt started fishing commercially. At first he fished mainly for albacore, and has since expanded his catch to include halibut, white seabass, yellowfin tuna, and many more. Matt even has his own sport fishing boat that he keeps in Puerto Vallarta!


How have you connected with the community?
Matt has really connected with his community directly through his fish. He constantly gives out fish that he catches as gifts to his friends, neighbors, and coworkers. He cites fish as something everybody loves and can relate to; “something much better than material stuff.”


What is your favorite part about your fishing?
As Matt blatantly states, “I like hunting fish.” He loves the effort of trying to locate and catch the fish and says that is what drives him. Matt also takes pride in the maintenance of his boat and equipment. He is sometimes up to 100 miles offshore for days on end and so it is important that everything is in top shape at all times.

What are your hobbies outside of fishing?
When he’s not fishing, Matt runs a window treatment company which designs and installs drapes and window shades and coverings. He is also an electrical contractor! Though he does it commercially, Matt cites fishing as one of his passions and hobbies as well. He also loves to play golf in his free time!

Matt’s advice:
“Don’t wait to do something that you want to do. If you have a dream and you want to do it, get it done; don’t wait.” Mike really inspired his own advice as he followed his dream to be a fisherman from a young age. He says that although he’s had some amazing times on the ocean, he is grateful that he did much of his adventuring when he was young as it can be very physically taxing.


How do you cook what you catch?
Matt’s favorite fish that he catches is the tuna that he cans himself. He likes to make tuna salads and casserole, and will even eat it straight out of the can! Another perk of Matt’s favorite tuna, aside from its versatility, is its long shelf life!

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