Meet the Fishermen

Ryan Gamble


Boat Name: Skipped Work


Boat Length: 20 feet


Catch: White seabass, yellowtail, halibut


Method: Hook & line


Location: Channel Islands Harbour


How did you get into fishing?:
Ryan has been on the water his whole life since he learned to fish as a young member of the Boyscouts. His transition into commercial fishing came as a natural growth from his innate success in catching.


How have you connected with the community?:
Living in a fishing district, Ryan notes that his community and career go side by side. He says that being a part of the commercial fishing scene in Santa Barbara has greatly expanded his community.


What is your favorite part about your fishing?:
Ryan’s favorite part of fishing is the catch, or as he puts it, “the thrill of the kill!.” Rigging everything up and being responsible for all the preparation that brings you to the climax of the catch is exhilarating and fun work. Ryan says that seeing it all come together is magic.


What are your hobbies outside of fishing?:
A fisherman by trade, Ryan loves to garden, and has held various past titles including accountant and handyman! In learning to maintain his own Skipped Work, Ryan has become an adept mechanic, and he emphasizes fishing’s role in teaching him a plethora of skills that are useful, for fun and for work, on and off the boat. With himself as living proof, Ryan claims, “if you can fish by yourself, you can do a lot more as well.”


Ryan’s advice:
“If you can catch a smaller fish, you can always catch the bigger fish.”


How do you cook what you catch?
Ryan’s all-time favorite seafood dish is rockfish tacos. As for his own catch, he likes to eat it either raw or on the barbecue. “I could pick a thousand ways” he says to eat his fish as leftovers, on of his favorites being to freeze the halibut he cooks and then use it to make tuna salad sandwiches as it defrosts. Whatever the fish though, Ryan maintains that the best way to eat it is always fresh.


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