Meet the fishermen

Charlie Graham


Boat Name: March Gale


Boat Length: 35 feet


Charlie’s Catch: Spiny Lobster & Rock Crab


Charlie’s Method: Wire mesh traps


About Charlie: Charlie has done a lot of collaborative research with UCSB. He’s collected data and participated in interviews for the CALobster project out of the Bren School of Environmental Science and Management. He is also very active in his local fishermen organization, the Commercial Fishermen of Santa Barbara (CFSB), helping to inform management decisions from a fisherman’s perspective. Charlie grew up in Malibu and discovered a love of the ocean and fishing as a deckhand aboard a lobster boat while he attended UCSB with a focus in Geography. Charlie committed to his work as a commercial fishermen, initially fishing his own traps off of another boat, and eventually buying his first boat, Miss Scully, when he was 28 years old. After fishing since 1993 for spiny lobster and rock crab, Charlie fishes off of the March Gale, a 35 foot east coast style lobster boat. He loves fishing out at the Channel Islands, because “as offices go, it’s pretty darn good.”

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