Meet the Fishermen

Chuck Kennedy


Boat Name: Twilight Lady


Boat Length: 37 feet


Catch: Salmon


Method: Hook and Line


Chuck usually fishes off the central coast near his home in Los Osos, sometimes venturing further up north.


How did you get into fishing?
From his earliest childhood memories, Chuck always liked to fish, and would run down to the water every day after grammar school. Eventually, at age 15, Chuck built a boat (he has built four different boats since then) and started fishing by himself off of Morro Bay. His commercial fishing evolved from his teenage years when he could make twenty-five cents per pound via hook and line. “Back in the day,” Chuck tells us, “you could fish for anything you wanted, anywhere you wanted” with a very low yearly boat/fishing fee. He grew up in a time that was much different from today’s heavily regulations. In his early years of fishing independently, Chuck fondly recalls that his mother and father would come drive down to the dock and wait for him to come in on his boat with his catch. Chuck joined the Navy in 1958 where he spent over four years as an E5 electrician, and also spent many years doing electrical work before he retired solely to fishing, the work he loves most.


How have you connected with your community?
Although there are a few fishermen that Chuck exchanges information with about their work he tends, pretty much, to do his own thing. He’s never had to lean on anybody, and describes himself as the kind of person who is always working. Chuck thrives on staying busy, and doesn’t like to “sit around and waste time.”


What is your favorite part about your fishing?
From years of experience, Chuck’s favorite part about fishing is “the challenge of making something out of nothing.”


What are your hobbies outside of fishing?
When he’s not fishing, Chuck finds many ways to keep himself busy. He often brings his boat home to do repairs, and paint, and do general cleaning and maintenance. In his free time Chuck also hunts deer and elk. He sometimes travels to Wyoming to hunt, and says that the season usually opens up right around his birthday which is always exciting. This season he is “hoping to get the opportunity to put some meat in the freezer.” Chuck lives with his wife, Twila (inspiration for his boat’s name), who fished with him for years and goes out on the boat with him all the time. He also has two sons, grandsons, and even great-grandkids!


Randy’s advice:
Chuck’s advice seems to be never to stop living to your fullest. As he says about his own life, “I’ve done a million things in my life- jobs, things I’ve done, boats I’ve built- I’ve had an exceptionally good life. I’ve been pretty lucky.”


How do you cook what you catch?
Chuck likes his salmon grilled on wood planks in the BBQ, but he also cooks a lot of venison. He and Twila are both very healthy in their old age and Chuck attributes this to their gardening and eating lots of wild meat.

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