Meet the Fishermen

Brad Johnson 


Name: Brad Johnson


Boat Name: The Emerald City was built by local Bill Anderson, originally designed for the needs of sea urchin diving. Brad bought the Emerald City from a good friend of his, a sea urchin diver who used to shape surfboards for him. Brad has been fishing on the Emerald City for about 1.5 years now and recently spruced it up outfitting it more for his fishing needs.


Boat Length: 26 ft.


Catch: Primarily White Seabass, Halibut, Yellowtail. Had some beginners luck with local Yellowfin Tuna!


Method: Hook and Line


Location: Santa Barbara Channel Islands and along the Santa Barbara coast


How did you get into fishing?
Brad has been fishing since a young age. His father taught him how to fish and they spent a lot of time on the water together. While his family and friends were out sailing, Brad spent hours fishing on his own on the lake. He has owned his own boat for 20 years.


What is your favorite part about your fishing?
“Catching!” Brad loves being out on the water, “it feels rewarding,” admittedly more so when he hauls in a good catch!



Brad’s advice:
“Persistence pays off – usually!”


How do you cook what you catch?
Brad prefers his seafood cooked simply, either on the BBQ or steamed, served with home grown veggies and potatoes for a nice hearty meal!


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