Meet the fishermen

 Keith & Tiffani Andrews 


Name: Keith & Tiffani Andrews


Boat Name: FV Alamo


Boat Length: 38 ft.


Catch: California Halibut, Sea Cucumbers, and Ridgeback Shrimp


Method: Trawl


Location: Keith and Tiffani generally fish between one and five miles off the Santa Barbara and Goleta coasts.


How did you get into fishing?
Keith was a mechanic before he was a commercial fisherman, but after a fight with his boss one day he went out fishing and just never went back to work. Keith worked solo on the FV Six Bros back in 1992, but soon after Tiffani started working with him in 2004, they purchased their current boat, the 38 foot FV Alamo. The husband and wife team are quite a dynamic duo: They have identical booming laughs and voices, REAL steer horns attached to the front of their boat, and their constant companion is an 11 year old, 150 lb Macedonian Shepherd, Slaton. They’re always a joy to be around, and if you want to get to know them better, you can usually find them at their favorite land-locked haunt, Cold Springs Tavern.


What is your favorite part about your fishing?
Keith really enjoys “being out there all alone with my wife on the boat,” and as Tiffani notes, “its a really nice job, especially getting to do it with your husband.” Both spouses truly love getting to be out on the water with just each other for company.



What are your hobbies outside of fishing?
Off the boat, Tiffani and Keith love to ride motorcycles. Keith has even revamped their bikes to be unique and unidentifiable as any specific brand. The two love to ride all over California’s “awesome roads” and as Tiffani explains, “going anywhere is a grand time.”


Keith & Tiffani’s advice:
Keith and Tiffani say that it’ not always safe on land, so stay in the water! They also remind us that “life’s really short so you have to be happy with what you’re doing.”


How do you cook what you catch?
Although they mostly catch sea cucumbers which they don’t eat, Keith has a killer recipe for their shrimp and halibut catch. First he peels the shrimp and puts it through a food processor before stuffing it between two halibut fillets. He then covers the fish in onions, jalapeños, soy sauce, and olive oil, and bakes it for about an hour. The delicious shrimp/halibut combo can be eaten alone or made into tacos with shredded cabbage instead of lettuce!



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